Lee Horton, Ph.D. - Counseling Psychologist in Memphis, TN

For over 25 years, Counseling Psychologist Lee Horton, Ph.D. has been helping individuals across Memphis, TN providing them with a path to a happier life.

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Psychologist Lee Horton, Ph.D. provides psychological counseling to clients across Memphis, Germantown, Southaven, Lakeland, Olive Branch, and the surrounding areas.

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Tension can come from what has happened in the past, what may happen in the future, or from within. We all have tension, but we don't all handle tension the same way. 


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    How To Tell If You Are Depressed Or Lazy

    Have you looked at your spouse, friend, or family member and questioned whether they are depressed or just lazy? While the two share a few similarities, it is important to understand how different they are.


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    What Is Different About Being Fifty?

    The New York Times published an article on the relationship between aging and well-being. It seems that our happiness declines from age 18 until age 50, when happiness increases. So what if you are way under 40? Do you have to suffer until you get older, or can you gain something from this finding that may contribute to your present-day happiness?


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