Improving Your Mood With Psychotherapy

By Lee Horton, Ph.D | | Categories: Counseling , Counselor , Marriage Counseling , Psychologist , Relationship Counseling , Stress Management , Therapist , Work Stress Management

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In a health-conscious world that strives to stay fit, it’s quite ironic that so many people are still struggling to stay healthy. Unfortunately, that’s because most people view health only from a physical point of view. While eating healthy, exercising regularly, and visiting doctors frequently are vital things to do, keeping track of your mental health is just as important.

Mood swings are a common obstacle many face. They change your emotional state, cause you to react irrationally, and sometimes hold you back from seizing profitable opportunities. Moods are triggered by your mental health, physical health, and sometimes both. Everyone experiences general moodiness, however, when those moods are severe, they can take away your self-control and harm your overall health.

To improve your mood and overcome your internal struggles, it’s essential to get to the source of your problem. Some people find it easy to do this through self-reflection or the company of friends. For others, getting to the bottom of their bad temper or disruptive moods, psychotherapy is the best option.

Psychotherapy is a relationship with a therapist in which you examine your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. By increasing your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, you can learn to identify patterns of thinking and behavior that enable you to be your best. 

When you learn more about yourself, you can reflect on the thoughts and actions that keep you from achieving your life goals. You can also come up with ways to stop your feelings from affecting your life, your work and your interactions.

Just as you work to appear outwardly attractive by exercising, eating right, and enhancing your wardrobe, you can work inwardly too. For this, you need to get in touch with the strengths you bring to relationships and the work environment. Once you figure these out, you’ll be able to untangle your emotions and work on improving yourself.

If you choose psychotherapy to sort through your emotional challenges, you need to know that it takes time, requires a commitment to self-examination, a willingness to reduce defensiveness, and establishing a unique relationship with the therapist.

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