Will Talking About My Depression Help?

By Lee Horton, Ph.D | | Categories: Counseling , Counselor , Marriage Counseling , Psychologist , Relationship Counseling , Stress Management , Therapist

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It is not unusual to hear someone say “Talking about my feelings will just make me feel worse. I prefer to keep my feelings to myself. It does no good to talk about how bad I feel.” Or you may hear, “I don’t want to let others know how bad I feel, because they will judge me. I already feel down, I don’t need others telling me I shouldn’t feel this way.”

The fact is that talking can help your mood, but you need to talk to someone who is understanding and accepting. It is not helpful to feel criticized by a friend or family member when you are feeling down. It is helpful to be understood. It is not helpful to be judged. It is helpful to feel accepted even though you are struggling to accept yourself.

A psychologist understands depression and anxiety. Psychologists understand that there are no easy fixes for your mood. But there is hope. Mood disorders can improve. A psychologist helps you to quit criticizing yourself and to understand what you can expect of yourself as you struggle to improve.

Change begins by finding a psychologist with whom you feel comfortable being yourself. It is important to be able to be open and honest as you share your painful inner life. You must develop trust that your psychologist understands that you will improve gradually, not overnight.

You will find that talking about your pain will make the pain more manageable and less overwhelming. You will begin to see a path toward improvement based on concrete steps you can take. But, perhaps most importantly you will come to accept your struggles as a challenge, not as a sign that you fall short.