Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance for individual counseling?

I do accept insurance. I am considered "in-network" for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Healthcare networks. I am out of network for Aetna, Humana and Cigna. I do not accept Tenncare or Medicare. You will need to clarify your benefits prior to scheduling an appointment. 

How do I determine what my deductible and copayment will be?

You will need to contact your insurance company's customer service and ask them, "What are my (in-network or out-of-network) outpatient mental health benefits for psychological counseling?"

How many counseling sessions should I expect to attend?

This varies. Psychotherapy typically involves ten sessions conducted over three or four months. 

Do I need to contact you prior to making an appointment?

No, if you click the appointment button, it will take you to my online scheduler. I will then contact you by email for further information.