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If you are suffering from mood and relationship difficulties and are ready for change, I can help. However, you need to understand that therapy is a change process and not just an exchange of views, feelings, and desires.

If you come to meet with me, you should be prepared to be challenged to change. After all, change requires a willingness to examine yourself and to assume responsibility for your future. To be happy, you must be able to see the future as something you can control.

For over 25 years, Counseling Psychologist Lee Horton, Ph.D. has been helping individuals by providing them with a path to a happier life.

Our Counseling Services Include

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Personal Counseling

    Therapy can help. Your suffering can end and your life can improve. You can't change the past, but we can work together to create a better future.

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Marriage Counseling

    For more than 25 years, Dr. Horton has helped couples reconnect and find the passion they once enjoyed. By focusing on how you respond to your partner, you can make a difference!

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Relationship Counseling

    Commitment to a relationship isn't expressed when things are fun and the going is easy. Commitment is expressed when you awaken to a more distant relationship that causes pain.

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Stress Reduction/Anxiety Management

    Symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person, but anyone who suffers from anxiety knows how uncomfortable the symptoms are and how much they interfere with everyday functioning.

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Work-Related Stress Management

    Work is important to your well-being and a component of your self-esteem. But work can also be a source of stress. But what is stress? Stress increases when the demands on you exceed your ability to manage these demands.

  • Relationship Counseling Memphis

    Men’s Issues

    Are you a fix-it man who finds that you are struggling to fix yourself or your relationship. Perhaps your tendency to hold in your views, feelings and desires is harming your relationship.

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