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Memphis Psychologist Dr. Lee Horton, Ph.D. has been helping individuals find a happier, more satisfying life for over 25 years.

Are you struggling to meet the demands of your job or career? Does the stress of your job affect your relationship with coworkers and family? Do you question whether you should look for a new job or even change your career path?

Work is important to your well-being and a component of your self-esteem. But work can also be a source of stress. But what is stress? Stress increases when the demands on you exceed your ability to manage these demands. The demands from a job can come from the expectations of your boss or from your expectations of yourself.

Stress can trigger you to work harder and feel excitement, but it can also lead to exhaustion, anxiety and helplessness. Learning to manage stress in the work setting can make you more productive and reduce your tension, leaving you with more energy for life outside of work.

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